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Open Enrollment November 1st - December 15th

 Individual Open Enrollment is November 1st - December 15th - Be Prepared!  This is the only time you can enroll in major medical insurance, unless you have a qualifying event.    You can enroll in coverage, change coverage and update your financial information with the Marketplace.  Make sure you know who participates with your plan!   

A qualifying event during the year will open up a Special Election Period for you to enroll outside of the open enrollment period.  If you do have a qualifying event, you only have 60 days (in most cases) to enroll in Marketplace coverage.  Keep track of your dates, and your documentation!  Documentation must be submitted with your application for coverage when applying during a Special Election Period.  

Remember if you qualify for a premium subsidy through the Public Marketplace and your income changes, you CAN update your income at ANY time during the year.  

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